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 My Army Application

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My Army Application Empty
PostSubject: My Army Application   My Army Application Icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 3:20 pm

[b]1. Your in-game name:[Rainage]
[b]2. Your in-game account name:[XResident]
[b]3. Your age:[16]
[b]4. Your Nationality:[Philippines]
[b]5. What are your worst skill?:[Fighting in a Narrow Place]
[b]6. What is your best skill?:[Shooting,Jetpack Fighting,Driving,Flying]
[b]7. What are your driving skills [1-10] ?:[9]
[b]8. What are your weapons skills [1-10] ?:[10]
[b]9. Your Hydra skills [1-10]:[10]
[b]10. Your Hunter skills [1-10]:[8]
[b]11. Do you know and understand all the global SSfreeroam rules?:[Yes]
[b]12. Your English skills [1-10]:[10]
[b]13. Something about yourself:[I Kill Many Players Often and I accept help from a friend]
[b]14. I will follow all the rules:[Yes]
[b]15. I will take orders from every higher ranks:[Yes]
[b]16. I will not break SSfreeroam server rules:[Yes]
[b]17. Why should we accept you in the Armed Forces?[I am a Headshooter , I was the best deathmatcher in a certain server,GTA 4 Cars.
[b]18. I confirm that this application is written by myself and filled in honest:[Yes]
[b]19. Your timezone:[Southeast Asia]
[b]20. How long have u been playing MTA:[2 years]
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My Army Application
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